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Intensify your tan

Optimize your results to achieve a deep, long lasting tan with lotions that include ingredients that will firm, tone, and tighten skin. Accelerators are available in fragrance free, hypoallergenic, gluten and paraben free.


Natural, Cosmetic, and DHA

Add an extra bronzing effect to your tanning experience with lotions that come in the form of natural bronzers, cosmetic bronzers, and DHA bronzers. Natural bronzers are derived from ingredients from the ground to turn you brown. Cosmetic bronzers work like a make-up, and will provide an instant bronzed tone. DHA bronzers feature the same ingredient found in sunless tanning, giving you an instant bronzer that will also develop and darken over the next few hours after your tanning session. Learn which type of bronzing lotion is ideal for you by talking with one of knowledgeable Tanning Experts.


Achieve the quickest, deepest tan possible by using a tingle tanning lotion. Tingles increase microcirculation providing instant results. Users beware, tingles can be intense! Opt for a warm blushing lotion to receive the effects of a tingle in a more mild form.

Tan Extending Moisturizers

Extend the life of your tan

Prolong the life of your tan by using specially formatted tan extending moisturizers after your tanning session. By using a tan extending moisturizer you’re ensuring the most optimal hydration for your skin, from similar ingredients found in our tanning lotions.

Versa Spa Product Line

Sunless in a bottle

If you are a sunless tanner, you’ll want to optimize your sunless tan results with products from the Versa product line. Versa Bronzing Mist is a great product for touch-ups and to achieve your sunless tan at home. Versa Bronzing Mist is made up of the same cosmetic formula found in the booths, ensuring a perfect bronze match. Prepare for your VersaPro session by exfoliating beforehand with the Versa in-shower Exfoliator and Body Wash product. Using the Versa line as your body cleanser will prevent stripping of the sunless color, which may happen using other brands of body wash. Continually build your sunless with the Versa Gradual Tanning Moisturizer, which comes in Face and Body. Intensify your results with the Versa Intensifying Primer, which is like the Prep Spray found in the booths, but in a bottle!