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Whether you are preparing for a special event or want that year-round glow, we are here to help you get the results you desire. You can drop into a SunSeekers location anytime for a tanning session or VersaPro Spray Tan, but tanning with one of our Sun Memberships is by far the most cost-effective way to get your glow.

Our Sun Memberships are hassle-free memberships that auto-deduct from your account every month, so you can spend less time worrying and more time tanning. With 6 Levels of tanning, VersaPro Spray Tanning and Red Light Therapy there are unlimited options available for you!

We are Wisconsin’s premier tanning salon. What makes us the best? We offer six levels of UV tanning that will continuously provide you with the highest quality tanning experience. Our wide selection of beds & booths allow you to choose which features and benefits are important to you, while you achieve your best tan possible.

UV Bed Tanning Memberships

** Customers will have access to all lower level beds if choosing a membership above Level 1


$ 34
Per Month
  • Levels 1-3 Tanning Beds
  • Unlimited Tanning


$ 54
Per Month
  • Levels 1-6 Tanning Beds
  • Half Off VersaPro Spray Tanning
  • Additional 10% Off Any Product Promotions


$ 63
Per Month
  • All Access
  • Levels 1-6, VersaPro Spray Tanning & Light Therapy
  • Additional 10% Off Any Product Promotions

Student Level 6

Students 24 or younger
$ 35 Monthly
  • Unlimited Month to Month Tanning

VersaPro Sunless Tanning Memberships

Basic VersaPro

Clear Spray Tanning
$ 34
Per Month
  • Unlimited Spray Tanning of Clear Spray

Select VersaPro

All Access
$ 54
Per Month
  • Unlimited Spray Tanning of Clear, Catalina & Malibu

We also offer Addon Memberships available for those who would like to do both UV Tanning & VersaPro Spray Tanning!



UV, Spray Tanning, Red Light Therapy
Access to any SunSeekers Location
Convenient Automatic Payments
Discounts on Products & Upgrades
Savings with long-term commitment
Freeze or Hold your Price



Price Comparison between Memberships & Sessions

Level 1 Unlimited Membership $34.98
$1.17 per tan

5 Sessions level 1
$8.50 Per Tan

Tanning Beds

You could start seeing results as soon as your first session in our medium-intensity Level 3 beds! Lay in comfort on the ergonomically designed curved acrylic which allows those pesky pressure points to get maximum UV expose, as to prevent white spots. While our beds vary by location, our Level 3 beds are typically a 12-minute session with forty-three 160-watt lamps and three 500-watt high pressure facial lamps.

A great Level to be at for those looking to gradually build a tan. While beds vary by location, our Level 2 beds will either be a 12 or 15-minute session and typically feature forty 140-watt lamps and three 400-watt high pressure facial lamps.

We also offer Stand-up in this level as well at all locations!

Our entry-level Level 1 beds are ideal for beginners and those looking for a low-intensity tanning session. Level 1 beds will allow you to maintain your current color and slowly build a darker tone. While beds vary by location, our Level 1 beds will be either a 15 or 20 minute session and typically feature thirty-two 120-watt lamps, and most Level 1 beds will include three 400-watt high pressure facial lamps.

A New Way to Cancel

We heard your requests loud and clear SunClub members, thus we have decided to get rid of our outdated multistep cancellation process. Although we hate to see you go, we are happy to announce it will be easier than ever to cancel your membership. You no longer have to stop into one of the salons for a cancellation form, nor do you have to cancel 30 days prior to your final payment. Just give our customer service department a call, 5 days before your payment is due, and they will take care of the rest. 920-434-1500.

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