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Smart Sun Therapy

The OvationULT™

A zero-gravity red light therapy bed that uses red and infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, reverse the signs of aging, and increase blood circulation to promote whole body healing.

Zero-Gravity Therapy

Optimal results are best achieved within 2-3 inches of red light therapy. Zero-gravity places you closer to the light for a more effective treatment, unlike tanning bed models that can’t get this close.

How Does Smart Sun Therapy Work?

Red Light is primarily absorbed by your skin, leading to increased cellular and collagen production resulting in optimal skin health. Infrared light penetrated deeper within your body to enhance muscle recovery and reduce joint pain. Red Light therapy has been clinically-proven to enhance skin health, wound healing, muscle recovery, athletic performance, mental clarity, relaxation and sleep while reducing joint and body pain.

How Often Can I Use Smart Sun Therapy?

Red light therapy is non-invasive, has no downtime and can be used everyday. Typically a treatment session can be as quick as 10 to 20 minutes and is usually recommended in a series of sessions.

 What Are The Benefits?

● Decreases pain

● Increases endurance, strength, energy and recovery 

● Promotes firmer, more radiant, and smoother skin 

● Speeds up wound healing, and scaring 

● Lowers inflammation and stress

● Improves joint health, combats arthritis 

Infrared Sauna




It’s time to take charge of your health and transform your body. With the Sauna Wellness PRO-10, you can achieve better wellness at your pace and indulge yourself with soothing passive heat sessions  to promote better wellness and enhance your peak physical performance. 

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Traditional steam saunas require a higher temperature of 160°-200°F to properly function. These high temperatures are hard for most people to tolerate for long periods of time. Infrared saunas like the SaunaWellness PRO-10, operate at a lower temperature around 90°-150°F.

Superior Tri-Spectrum Heaters provide a full-range of three (3) distinct heat wavelengths. Unique to any other saunas, the SaunaWellness PRO-10 offers independent near, mid, and far infrared heating capabilities: Carbon Far (FIR), Ceramic Mid-Far (M-FIR), Full–Spectrum Near (NIR), Mid (MIR), Far (FIR)

Most infrared saunas take a minimum of 12-20 minutes to comfortably heat the sauna cabin. This sauna has special fast-response heaters to instantly heat up so you can experience infrared heating and wellness immediately.

The MOST in any infrared sauna for mood and perfect ambience enhancement. Ten (10) chromo-light stations illuminate the sauna for a greater relaxation and luxurious wellness experience. Choose your favourite ambient colour to match your mood, music, podcast, or enjoy full spectrum white for reading.

Himalayan Salt Blocks, Jade Stones and Tourmaline Gemstones are incorporated into the infrared saunas for holistic natural wellness properties. When heated, gemstones are known as one of the few precious gemstones to emit and conduct infrared heat.

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