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The highest-standard in spray tanning.

The VersaPro sunless booth offers our most comfortable, easy to use, customizable sunless tanning experience yet. Become beautifully bronzed instantly, in a private atmosphere. Relax knowing that VersaPro will cover you completely even from head to toe, in your desired level of bronze, with an automated system that is sure to leave you with a natural-looking tan, every time.

Bronzing Levels

The best shade of you!

Get shades darker than your current tone; light, medium, dark, or double dark bronzing levels. Intensify your results by choosing to begin your sunless treatment with a prep spray, which will work with the proteins and enzymes in your skin to balance PH level and provide a more even, deeper result from your bronzing session. Extend your sunless tan with a post spray moisturizing treatment that will provide immediate hydration and lock in your bronzer. Versa bronzing solution is formulated with eco-certified DHA and is paraben and gluten free!


Clear or cosmetic.

The VersaPro offers you the option to choose between a clear or cosmetic bronzing application. Either way, you will end up with a long-lasting, natural looking extended tan. Opt for a clear application of the bronzer, and your long lasting bronze will develop and become visible over the next 4 to 8 hours. Choose a cosmetic application of your bronzer and you will get an immediate deep, cosmetic color along with your long lasting bronze.


It couldn't get any easier.

Our tanning experts will guide you through, step-by-step, on the process of your Versa session. Are you worried we will leave the room and you will forget and mess it up? The VersaPro booth won't let that happen! A detailed voice guide eliminates any confusion by instructing you step by step. Numbers imprinted on the floor of VersaPro provide extra assistance with body positioning, making the process even more worry-free. There is even a large touch-screen on the booth which will allow you to review your session selection, as well as detailed instructional video before you begin.

Mindful Design

Creates a comfortable and quality tan.

VersaPro's features ensure that your sunless experience is superior to the rest. A spacious feel is provided by the open concept interior. A 3-nozzle system applies an impeccable flawless, warm mist spray followed by a heated dry pass, which provides a warm environment and makes certain you complete your sunless tan feeling dry.

Tanning Cocktail

For a mix of tanning and Versa.

Grab yourself a cocktail every Thursday at SunSeekers! Mix together a VersaPro sunless tan with a level 3 UV tan, only $30 for the session combo! *