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level 5 - $38 /session

The highest Level of UV available at SunSeekers. Get your quickest, deepest tan possible in the most-exclusive tanning beds in the area. Our most popular Level 5 is the Blueberry Blues, which features a 10-minute maximum exposure time, electronic climate control, an aroma vitalizer system, cooling mist spray, body comfort curved acrylic, and an advanced sound system that allows you to directly plug-in your own device! The Blueberry is powered fifty-two 200-watt dynamic power UV lamps, four 520-watt ultra performance high-pressure facial lamps, three 15-watt additional UVB facial lamps, two 250-watt high-pressure shoulder lamps, and a reflective neck tanner.

level 4 - $27 /session

An extremely fast way to build your tan is our top of the line, high-intensity Level 4 beds. Reflective panels ensure every inch of you is exposed, for those hard to tan areas. Shoulder tanners ensure the top of head and shoulders are tanning, great for those going on vacation, as these are the typical areas that are prone to burn first if you hadn’t prepped them with a tan beforehand. While beds vary by location, our Level 4 beds will typically be a 12-minute session with fifty-one 160-watt lamps and four 520-watt high pressure facial lamps.

level 3 - $22 /session

You could start seeing results as soon as your first session in our medium-intensity Level 3 beds! Lay in comfort on the ergonomically designed curved acrylic which allows those pesky pressure points to get maximum UV expose, as to prevent white spots. While our beds vary by location, our Level 3 beds are typically a 12-minute session with forty-three 160-watt lamps and three 500-watt high pressure facial lamps.

level 2 - $16 /session

A great Level to be at for those looking to gradually build a tan. While beds vary by location, our Level 2 beds will either be a 12 or 15-minute session and typically feature forty 140-watt lamps and three 400-watt high pressure facial lamps.

level 1 - $8.50 /session

Our entry-level Level 1 beds are ideal for beginners and those looking for a low-intensity tanning session. Level 1 beds will allow you to maintain your current color and slowly build a darker tone. While beds vary by location, our Level 1 beds will be either a 15 or 20 minute session and typically feature thirty-two 120-watt lamps, and most Level 1 beds will include three 400-watt high pressure facial lamps.